There's an ASAP for everyone, no matter where you use it.


The cloud-connected Smart Device that can detect almost anything.


ASAP is not just a smoke detector. It is a one-of-a-kind smoke and security system that can give you true peace of mind. It's easy-to-use, smart, and programmable so you can keep tabs on everything that's important to you. Have we also mentioned that it is fully customisable?


There is no one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenges of urban living. ASAP is made fully customisable with everyone in mind, catering to different needs and wants.



Want to reduce your building OPEX? From optimization of costs to security, we've got it.



Keep you and your loved ones safe from all kinds of unprecedented dangers.



Measure how well your stores engage customers so you can repeat what works best.




Sigfox Connected

Global data coverage via Sigfox IoT Network


Panic Buttons

Quick alert to Emergency Services via Mobile App


Central Device Management

View location and device status online


Live Monitoring

24/7 monitoring to ensure the quickest emergency response.


Mobile App

Real time alerts and alarm status information.

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Alert Notifications

Customise your contacts to receive alert notifications

asapicon_Easy setup.png

Easy Setup

Easy plug-n-play.
No hub. No wiring.

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UL Certified

All devices have UL test reports and certifications.


Technical Specifications

ASAP uses a digital smoke sensor which counts the number of particles instead of the conventional photoelectric type sensor with true or false conditions. The sensor has built-In Blue LED (470nm) and IR LED (850 nm), and using the dual wavelength technique, it reduces false alarm. The sensor is tested compliance to UL268, UL217, EN14604, BS EN54, and ISO7240.



Manufacturing Country:

Shipping Country:

Temperature Range:

Temperature Accuracy:

Alarm Siren:

Input Voltage:

WiFi Operating Frequency:

WiFi Transmission Power:

Bluetooth Transmission:

Battery Lifetime: 

82mm x 82mm x 53mm




-40 - +125 Celcius

+/- 1 degree Celcius


4.5V to 5.5V

2412Mhz - 2484 Mhz



10 years (2 messages/day)


How is ASAP different from all the other fire alarm devices already in the market?

All ASAP Smart Smoke Detectors products are connected to the Internet and come with a multi-tier alarm escalation and notification service. As a Building/Facility Manager you able to view the status and manage all devices via our Web Dashboard and Mobile App. In the case of a fire/smoke, the device does not only beep but also tries to contact you and other selected contacts via Call, SMS, Whatsapp, App Alarm and Email. All contacts can be organised into 2 groups (Level 1 and Level 2). Level 2 contacts are contacted after 60 seconds.

Will ASAP Building still work if the power goes off?

Yes, ASAP Building is battery operated (10-years). It works independent of your power supply.

Where should I place my ASAP device(s)?

Installation on the ceiling is recommended. Make sure ASAP is at least 30 cm (12 inches) away from the wall. If you are installing ASAP on a wall, place it between 15 to 60 cm below the ceiling. If you have a sloping, pitched or cathedral ceiling, ASAP should be 90 cm (35 inches) from the highest peak. Read here for more information.

How long is the warranty?

Every active subscription is covered with warranty and is at least 1 year. Every service renewal includes warranty.

Is the battery included in the set?

Yes, it is included.

How long is the battery life?

10 years. The battery level can be monitored on the Dashboard and an alert notification will be sent out if the battery level falls below 5%.

Where can I buy an ASAP?

  • ASAP iRetail - Available worldwide via online shopping here
  • ASAP Building - Available worldwide via Purchase Order - submit inquiry below (page bottom)
  • ASAP Home - Available worldwide via Purchase Order - submit inquiry below (page bottom)

How many ASAP devices do I need for my building?

Each ASAP Building device covers an area of 13m x 13m (42.6ft x 42.6ft) or 169 sqm (1819sqf). This means, for example, an open office floor of 1,000sqm requires 6 devices. However, if you have rooms, then may need to count those extra, ie every room should have at least 1 device.

Is there any additional cost?

No, what we quote you is inclusive of all costs - even data charges are included.

How do I get an ASAP device demo?

  • ASAP iRetail : You can get access to our Dashboard demo here
  • ASAP Building: In Malaysia our sales team can give you a live demo, please inquiry below via the Ask-a-question form. For all other countries, we can't provide a free demo - we suggest you purchase 1 device to test/demo.
  • ASAP Home: In Malaysia our sales team can give you a live demo, please inquiry below via the Ask-a-question form. For all other countries, we can't provide a free demo - we suggest you purchase 1 device to test/demo.

How do I connect my ASAP devices with the ASAP Mobile App?

  1. Get the latest "ASAP Home" App from Apple Play Store or Google Play
  2. Create a free ASAP Account (before attaching your ASAP devices onto the ceiling)
  3. The ASAP App will guide you through each step,
    a) Click on "Add a new device"
    b) Register the first device by scanning the QR code on the back of the device c) Name the location/room of the device
    d) Repeat from a) to c) until all devices are registered.

How do I install my ASAP Building devices?

Installation is easy.

  1. Download the "ASAP Building" app from Apple App Store or Google Playstore
  2. Open the app and set up your free account.
  3. Insert the battery into the ASAP device to turn it on
  4. Click on 'Add device' and register the first device by scanning the QR code on the back of the device.
    a) Name the device (e.g. Conference Room, Pantry, Hall 1, etc)
    b) Select the floor number and location within your building. If you have uploaded a floor plan, then also point onto the plan location of the device.
  5. Watch the screen on the mobile app and wait for the connection to be confirmed.
  6. Attached the device onto the ceiling (using the provided screws or double-sided tape) on the spot as selected/indicated in step 4.
  7. Repeat step 4. and 6. until all your devices are registered.