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7 Technologies that Count People

1 February 2020

In-Store Analytics comprises software and hardware, both have seen significant improvements in recent years making in-store analytics not only a useful tool to quantify your store’s performance, but also a must-have in order to survive against tough competition, in particular from online retailers. The hardware is responsible for recognising humans, and if possible, also identifying them. There are various technical methods - some are simple, some smart, and some highly technical. Here are the 7 leading technologies in 2020 for counting people and “more”.


About Retail Analytics

16 February 2020

With physical retail businesses being under threat by online marketplaces, brands are taking account of analytics in order to boost their productive strategies. Retail Analytics allows retailers to keep track of their business and market performance.


Everything About In-Store Analytics

10 January 2020

Businesses need to monitor the the customer's behavior in order to ensure that their marketing is customer oriented. For this, in-store analytics offers competent insights on customer traffic and behavior.


What is the difference between Retail Analytics and In-Store Analytics?

17 February 2020

To put it simply, in-store analytics is a part of retail analytics. Retail analytics includes all components of retail operations and decision making while in-store analytics focuses on customer traffic and behaviour in a physical store outlet.