What is ASAP iRetail?

ASAP iRetail is the first Smart Device that can detect people, smoke, temperature, and so much more, giving you comprehensive
In-Store Analytics.

This cloud-connected, smart IoT device can detect smoke, temperature and people such as customers and employees. ASAP gives you detailed information on your customer traffic and behaviour. For Retailers and SMEs, this product gives you actionable insights on how to optimize your store.

Store Footfall Analytics

ASAP iRetail can sense and count a person by detecting a person's mobile devices, such as phone, tablets or smart watches, which we are all wearing nowadays. This enables us to not only count how many people you have in your store at what time, but also how long did they reside in which area within your store. Thus, our footfall analytics includes behavioural data as well. We have specialised our analytics for retail business, so you can quickly learn and improve.

People, Smoke & Temperature Detection

Each ASAP device is packed with the newest sensor and communication technologies. The USB powered device is equipped with a digital UL-217 certified smoke detector, a temperature sensor, and a WiFi and Bluetooth communication module which detects mobile devices. 

Zero Waste Store

You have 5% more Visitors compared to last week’s average.

Our Analytics Features


Store-Entry Conversions

From all the people outside passing by your store, how many are entering into your store? If you change your promotions or window display, what effect does it have to your Store-Entry Conversion?


New & Recurring Customers

For many stores, 80% of revenue is generated by 20% of your customers. Do you know how many recurring customers you have? Learn also, how often your customers re-visit your store, so you optimise fresh product displays accordingly.


Dwell Times by Department

How much time do your customers spend at which location/department? If you re-organise your product display, do your customers find a product faster and your conversion increases?


Customizable Notifications

Configure important events where you want to be notified by WhatsApp, push notification or Email. For example, if a VIP customer enters the store, or if the cashier queueing time is too high and you need to call for more staff.

Staff-to-Customer Ratios

What is the optimal staff number for your store location? How many cashiers do you need for how many customers to keep to cashier queuing times below 1 minute? ASAP let's you also compare between stores.


Department Flow

Which is the best department to attract customers into your store? If you place popular departments at the back of the store, will you lose customers coming in? What works better for conversion?

Web Dashboard & Mobile App

ASAP iRetail provides a hardware & software solution for any retailer to immediately get access to your store visiting patterns and customer behaviour. This includes a clear Web Dashboard that visualised the data, so you can quickly understand and act on it.


Compare to last week or last month

The best way to improve is to make changes and then compare the outcome. If you think your customer queuing times are too long, then increase cashier staff for 2 weeks and compare the outcome. How long is your average customer queuing time this week compared to last week? How much did your recurring visitor percentage increase?

With ASAP iRetail you can do exactly that. 


Compare to other regions or stores

If you have multiple stores, you can organize and group your stores, for example by location. This enables you to view and analyze your stores from a higher viewpoint, and drill down to specific cities or stores where required.

Learn from good performing stores, and apply it to your other stores. Compare a good store with a poor-performing store and analyze why.

With ASAPiRetail you can do that.

How it works


ASAP iRetail detects mobile devices of people within your physical store and tracks their movement. From this data, iRetail builds useful statistics and performance indicators which help Store Managers to compare and improve.

We all carry mobile devices throughout our daily lives. These devices send out a signal every few seconds which are called probe requests. ASAP detects these signals, triangulates the position. 

Each ASAP comes with 3 plug-&-play units which you can place within your store to cover up to 20,000 square feet. If you have multiple floors or a larger space, you just get additional devices.

You can register your staff's mobile phone, so ASAP can distinguish between your staff and customers.

Smart Fire Detection &
Alarm Escalation

ASAP iRetail is also a smart fire detector that uses smoke and temperature detection to protect your store's assets from the destruction of fire.

Early fire detection is proven to be most effective means against fire. However, early detection becomes useless if the relevant people are not notified and not aware of the early smoke.


ASAP smoke detectors have solved that problem.

Multi-Channel Notifications

ASAP is able to communicate with you and your staff via all key communication channels, including Whatsapp chat, phone call, SMS, email, and In-app Push Alerts.

Our Whatsapp Ai-powered Chatbot is also able to receive questions from you and give you answers.


Alert Escalation

With ASAP, you can set up 2 different contact groups who will be notified in case a fire has been detected. The first group receives the alarm immediately after a fire has been detected. Each person (e.g. your Store Manager) within the group is able to disable the alarm. If nobody disables the alarm, then the alarm is escalated to the second contact group, for example, your Shopping Mall​ security or yourself.

ASAP also offers APIs to connect to your local Emergency Services which enables our system to call your local Fire Station.

Why our customer choose ASAP iRetail?


  • Most effective method of counting people

  • Ability to distinguish between customers and staff

  • Ability to recognise returning/recurring customers (up to 12 months)

  • Ability to detect in which store department/area the customers are

  • Ability to provide customer cashier queuing times 

  • Ability to send notifications upon customizable events, e.g. insufficient cashier or sales staff in a department (automatically summon staff to where he/she is needed most)

  • Highest accuracy - no misinterpretations or miscounting

  • Easy plug-n-play installation 

  • Looks non-intrusive (smoke detector)

  • Most cost-effective solution

  • Retail-specific analytics and functions

  • Supports multiple stores

  • Detects fire and alerts multiple contact groups

  • Monitors store temperature 

Buy Online

What is included?

  • 3 x ASAP devices 

  • 3 x power adapter for USB power and 2-meter cable

  • License for 1 year of In-Store Data Analytics

  • Web Dashboard

  • Mobile App

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Installation Guideline

Technical Specifications:

  • 120V or 240V Powered (country-specific power plug included)

  • 3.7V Battery (included) as power failure backup 

  • WiFi IEEE 802.11g/c for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wireless LAN

  • Bluetooth 5

  • Digital photoelectric smoke sensor (UL217 certified)

  • Audible alarm >95dB at 3m

  • Manufactured in Malaysia


  • WiFi and Internet access in your premise

Warranty, Refund & ReturnsPrivacy Policy

$ 235.00

+ tax & shipping

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Smart Smoke & Temperature Sensor

Each ASAP device is equipped with a smoke and temperature sensor. The digital photoelectric sensor is capable of detecting early smoke developments before they turn into unstoppable fire spots.

The temperature sensor can also be used to monitor and control your heating/air-conditioning in your premise to ensure a consistent and pleasant store experience.

smoke detectio and temperature

Technical Specifications



Manufacturing Country:

Shipping Country:

Temperature Range:

Temperature Accuracy:

Alarm Siren:

Input Voltage:

WiFi Operating Frequency:

WiFi Transmission Power:

Bluetooth Transmission Power:

Battery Lifetime: 

82mm x 82mm x 53mm




-40 - +125 Celcius

+/- 1 degree Celcius


4.5V to 5.5V

2412Mhz - 2484 Mhz



10 years (2 messages/day)

ASAP uses a digital smoke sensor which counts the number of particles instead of the conventional photoelectric type sensor with true or false conditions. The sensor has built-In Blue LED (470nm) and IR LED (850 nm), and using the dual wavelength technique, it reduces false alarm. The sensor is tested compliance to UL268, UL217, EN14604, BS EN54, and ISO7240.