Protect your loved ones.

ASAP keeps your home and family safe from all kinds of danger.

All Communication Channels

All your contacts are alerted through all these channels:






Emergency Services

If the fire alarm is still active after 120 seconds or you press the Panic Buttons, then the Emergency Services will automatically be alerted.

Fire Brigade



Multi-Level Alert Notifications

Many fire incidents can be avoided before they turn into fire tragedies. However, early detection is not sufficient if nobody is aware. The sound of the siren alarm of a typical smoke alarm may alert the members of the household, but no other people outside the premise.

Neighbours, friends, security guards, building managers, etc. are the most suitable people to help in case of an emergency. 

With ASAP Home, you can enter your own contacts in 2 different groups whereby the first group is contacted immediately and the second group is contacted after 60 seconds.

Time Intervals

ASAP will contact your selected emergency contacts after certain time intervals:

Level 1 - immediately notify:

Your spouse, family, household members

Level 2 - after 60 seconds notify:

Your neighbours, friends, condo security

Level 3 - after 120 seconds notify:

Emergency Services, e.g. Fire Brigade

Household Fire Insurance 

In case of any fire damages to your furniture, ASAP has you covered.


Each ASAP account includes a Household Fire Insurance of up to USD 6,000 per year* which covers any fire damages to furniture and household appliances. You can claim directly through the Mobile App including upload of Police Report and photos of the damages furniture/appliances.

*May different by country.  Malaysia coverage is RM25,000 and provided by Etiqa Insurance Bhd. 

An Innovation by :

Sedania Technologies Sdn Bhd,

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