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The first Smart Device that provide in-store data analytics to optimise sales and customer experience with 24/7 cloud based automated Alarm Monitoring Service.

ASAP iRetail Analytics

Our Analytics Features

ASAP iRetail goes beyond traditional people counters to not only measure foot traffic but also, the way customers engage with your business.


How many people pass by without entering your store.


How often people return and at what intervals.


Compare between stores and locations.


How long people spend in a particular place.


What is the optimal staff number for your store location.


Configurable notifications via WhatsApp, SMS, Email or In-App.

And many more...

Explore our analytics dashboard demo to see what it can do for you to increase your store conversions and sales.


How It Works

Designed to make your life simple so that you can focus on increasing sales conversion and revenue, our system is easy to use, installed in minutes and able to start receiving data immediately.


Each ASAP iRetail comes with 3 ASAP devices. Because you are trying to capture and count your relevant customer traffic, it is important to choose the right places within you store.

Whichever area within your store you choose, the device should always be installed onto the ceiling (concrete slab or suspended ceiling) or high up on the wall. 



Each device requires a power plug and WiFi reception with Internet access. 

Our ASAP devices will detect the signals which are constantly send out by mobile devices, such as phones, tablets or smart watches. Our software then turns all counted signals into visual statistics so you can quickly read, understand and compare them.



Immediately after you have installed your ASAP devices, you can view the visitor data at


The analytic dashboard enables not only count how many people you have in your store at what time, but also how long did they reside in which area within your store. Thus, footfall analytics includes behavioural data as well. You can quickly learn and improve your store performance.


Industry Usage

There are many uses for ASAP iRetail. Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts in your retail store or at an exhibition event. Measure queue wait times at your check-out desk or cashier counter. Assess staff schedules and performance.

Image by Korie Cull

Used extensively in retail to measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales, customer experience, visual merchandising and even queue wait times.

Image by Smit Patel

Measure how guests are using a hotel or B&B's facilities. See how visitors at a tourist gift shop move around and what attracts them most.

Image by Dmytro Davydenko

Find out which seating area in your restaurant is the most preferred, how many returning customers, or the average time spent by customers.

Image by Obi Onyeador

Learn how visitors move around car dealerships or showrooms. Which model gets more people spending time at looking and considering to purchase.

Image by Martino Pietropoli

See visitors footpath between different zones of your events, how much time is spent (engagement) and which are the high traffic areas of your event.

Why ASAP iRetail

ASAP iRetail gives you detailed actionable insights on your customer traffic and behaviour for you to optimize your store.




Dimensions: 82mm x 82mm x 53mm

Weight: 210g

Manufacturing Country: Malaysia

Shipping Country: Malaysia

Temperature Range: -40 - +125 Celcius

Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1 degree Celcius

Alarm Siren: >90dB

Input Voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V

WiFi Operating Frequency: 2412Mhz - 2484 Mhz

WiFi Transmission Power: +20dBm

Bluetooth Transmission Power: +9dBm

Battery Lifetime: 10 years (2 messages/day)

ASAP uses a digital smoke sensor which counts the number of particles instead of the conventional photoelectric type sensor with true or false conditions. The sensor has built-In Blue LED (470nm) and IR LED (850 nm), and using the dual wavelength technique, it reduces false alarm.


We are happy to provide you free access to our demo site where you can explore the store analytics of a fashion chain store brand. See how you can get meaningful insights from customers’ behavioural data in a retail store and leverage it to make smarter, more informed business decisions. Start changing the way you do retail business with ASAP iRetail.

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