Gain actionable insights from customers’ behavioral data in your store.

More than just a people counter, get accurate foot traffic analytics to optimize customer experience and increase sales conversion. All within a smart device that also detects smoke and temperature.

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ASAP iRetail goes beyond traditional people counters to not only measure foot traffic but also, the way customers engage with your business. Designed to make your life simple so that you can focus on increasing sales conversion and revenue, our system is easy to use, installed in minutes and able to start receiving data immediately.

People Counting

Customer visitation by hour, day, week and month.

Passing Traffic

How many people pass by without entering your store.

Visitor Flow

See visitors footpath between different zones of your store.

New & Returning Visitors

Compare between new and returning visitors.

Recency & Frequency

How often people return and at what intervals.

Dwell Time

How long people spend in a particular place.

Bounce Rate

How many people leave an area or or your store quickly.

Smoke Detection

Certified smoke detector with audible alarm.

Temperature Sensor

Get notifications if a temperature rises in a certain area.

Customized Notifications

Configurable notifications via WhatsApp, SMS, Email or In-App.

Industry Usage

There are many uses for ASAP iRetail. Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts in your retail store or at an exhibition event. Measure queue wait times at your check-out desk or cashier counter. Assess staff schedules and performance.


Used extensively in retail to measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales, customer experience, visual merchandising and even queue wait times.


Find out which seating area in your restaurant is the most preferred, how many returning customers, or the average time spent by customers.


See visitors footpath between different zones of your events, how much time is spent (engagement) and which are the high traffic areas of your event.


Measure how guests are using a hotel or B&B's facilities. See how visitors at a tourist gift shop move around and what attracts them most.


Learn how visitors move around car dealerships or showrooms. Which model gets more people spending time at looking and considering to purchase.

Why our customer choose ASAP iRetail?


  • Most effective method of counting people

  • Ability to distinguish between customers and staff

  • Ability to recognise returning/recurring customers (up to 12 months)

  • Ability to detect in which store department/area the customers are

  • Ability to provide customer cashier queuing times 

  • Ability to send notifications upon customizable events, e.g. insufficient cashier or sales staff in a department (automatically summon staff to where he/she is needed most)

  • Highest accuracy - no misinterpretations or miscounting

  • Easy plug-n-play installation 

  • Looks non-intrusive (smoke detector)

  • Most cost-effective solution

  • Retail-specific analytics and functions

  • Supports multiple stores

  • Detects fire and alerts multiple contact groups

  • Monitors store temperature