Alert Notifications

Similar to cashier counter operation, you can also optimize your sales staff on the sales floor. With ASAP Retail you are able to set up alert notifications when 1 or more customers enter a specific area of your premise.

This enables your store manager to operate with less sales staff without loosing customers. A single sales staff is able to oversee a larger sales floor area as any customer traffic is being alerted to the sales staff.


Cashier Queueing Times

Place 1 or more ASAP device in your Cashier area and ASAP Retail provides you detailed insights about your customer queueing. Our analytics includes how long is your customer's average queuing time at which time of the day or day of the week. This will enable you to optimize cashier staff to improve staff count and customer waiting times. Compare customer queueing times across all your stores and analyze what impact queueing times have on your conversion or footfall. If you shorten queueing times, does your number of recurring visitors increase?


ASAP Retail knows how to identify your staff and is therefore able to distinguish between visitors and staff. This allows ASAP to give you insights as to how many staff are able to handle how many customers in what time. For example, if you have 3 cashier staff and 10 customers in the cashier area, then the queueing times are 4.3 minutes. Each additional cashier staff reduces the customer queueing times by 1.2 minutes.


With this information you are able to optimise your staffing, staff schedules and improve customer footfall and conversion.


You can also setup alert notifications which will alert your cashier or manager staff if queuing times exceed a certain time, or if too few cashier staff are in the cashier area. This enables you to operate on a lower staff level because your staff is able to switch tasks quicker and approach your customers before they loose interest.


Each ASAP device is equipped with a

UL-xx certified digital, photoelectric smoke detector which is able to detect small particles of smoke but also smart enough to ignore cigarette, vapour or light cooking smoke. If only minor smoke is detected, the LED light will blink rapidly.


Once smoke is detected, our cloud notification system will be notified and the device will have an audible alarm/siren with over 90dB. Our cloud notification system will then contact all your selected contacts via Whatsapp, SMS, Phone Call, and App Push Notification. All these contacts can be entered via our mobile app.

Please read more info below on our Multi-Level Notification System.

Temperature Detection

The ASAP device also includes a temperature sensor which constantly measures the temperature. The temperature data is used for 2 reasons:

a) To identify fire threats in combination with the smoke detector.

b) To optimize the shopping experience for your customers.

Having the optimal and most comfortable temperature consistently in each corner of your premise and across all your outlets, adds to a pleasant customer experience.

You are able to monitor the room temperature with each device, set up alert notifications if the temperature is not within the optimal range, and you are able to connect your HVAC system to our temperature data via API.

Visitor Behaviour

Leverage advanced computer vision to understand how different visitor segments are navigating your store and which products they liked to optimize merchandising and store layout

Marketing Effectiveness

Analyze customer segments and store traffic during multiple digital and traditional marketing campaigns to understand what content and communication works for your target audience


Integrate footfall analysis and in store data with CRM, social insights and campaign management software to deliver delightful shopping experiences anytime, anywhere!

Staff Management

Leverage insights around store peak hours to schedule staff breaks and to prevent over/understaffing issues. The SmartStore analytics app also boosts staff productivity through real-time leaderboards

Retail Analytics Dashboard

Track store traffic, conversion rates and staff performance across multiple stores in real-time on a unified, visual dashboard on the go


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