How Does It Work?


ASAP iRetail is a solution comprising of 3 hardware devices and 1 online account to our software analytics. 

Each device is able to detect so called probe requests. These are signals which are constantly send out by mobile devices, such as phones, tablets or smart watches.

Our ASAP devices can detect and count those signals. Our software then turns all counted signals into visual statistics so you can quickly read, understand and compare them.

people detection WiFi signal

People Detection

In today's world, all of us carry at least 1 mobile device with us all the time. Maybe it's your mobile phone, a tablet or a smart watch. Each of those devices are constantly trying to connect to a WiFi network.

So, by counting how many mobile devices are in the room, we also know how many people are in the room. 

Every time a person with a mobile device walks into the proximity of an ASAP device, our system will count this person and measure how long the person stays within this specific area. 

From our study, the margin of error (e.g. people who are not carrying a mobile device, or have the WiFi turned off) is less than 10% and decreasing. This error margin is acceptable and still below other people counting methods.


1 .

Plug in power


2 .

Connect to your WiFi

It's all Plug & Play !


The installation is plug-&-play. You don't require any special contractor. Each device requires a power plug and WiFi reception with Internet access. Each device should placed on the ceiling or high up on the wall. Read How To Install

Your Dashboard Login


With your purchase of ASAP iRetail, you get an account to our analytics web dashboard. This is where you can see all your visitor statistics in visual graphs and charts.

Immediately after you have installed your ASAP devices, you can view the visitor data at

Your account is for 1 year from the time of your first account login. The renewal can be done via our Webstore.


Recognizing Recurring Visitors

ASAP is also able to recognize people from the past, i.e. recurring visitors. How?


Each mobile device, like your mobile phone, constantly sends out signals so called 'probe requests' which ASAP can pick up. These signals have a sender's MAC address, which is like an unique identification number of the device.


If ASAP receives a signal from a MAC address which has been received before, then ASAP knows this mobile device, and most likely the same person has been in your premise before.

ASAP keeps records of these MAC address up to 1 year, so therefore ASAP recognizes visitors who have been in your premise up to 355 days earlier.

In your Dashboard you can how many new customers you have, and the average visiting frequency of your recurring customers. 


Tracing A Visitor's Footpath

Shoppers enter your premise and move around between different sections or departments inside your premise. Some visitors may enter or leave your store from different entrances. Maybe a visitor entered your store because of what she/he saw at the front of your entrance. ASAP helps you find out. How?

Each ASAP iRetail product comes with 3 ASAP devices which you can place in your selected strategic locations (see How To Install). Each ASAP device's location becomes a zone which tracks visitors as they come closer to the ASAP device.

At the same time, ASAP also registers if a visitor leaves the proximity of a specific ASAP device. So while a visitors is walking through your store, she/he is entering and leaving different zones.

This data is processed and visually shown in your Dashboard as a footpath. You can see which zone (Department) is visited first, how long, and which zone (Department) was visited thereafter.