Where To Install?

Each ASAP iRetail comes with 3 ASAP devices. Because you are trying to capture and count your relevant customer traffic, it is important to choose the right places within you store.

Whichever area within your store you choose, the device should always be installed onto the ceiling (concrete slab or suspended ceiling) or high up on the wall. 

retail store with zones counting visitors
stratgic location

Choose Your Strategic Locations

Think about which Departments or Store Areas are most important to you and then choose your locations while considering these tips:

  • Try to space out the devices equally from each other

  • Ensure your entire store is covered (each ASAP device covers a radius of about 23 feet (7 meters)

  • It is ok if device's radius slightly overlap each other

  • 1 device should cover your store entrance(s) or at least your main customer entrance (this enables you to monitor your entry conversions, e.g. pass-by traffic vs. store entries)

  • 1 device should cover your cashier counters (this enables you to monitor Average Customer Queuing Times and Staff-to-Cashier ratios)

Unboxing ASAP iRetail

Each of our products is carefully quality-checked, packed and shipped worldwide to ensure the best customer experience upon arrival.

Included in each box:

  • 3 x ASAP devices (incl. installation brackets and screws)

  • 3 x 3.7V batteries

  • 3 x Power adapter + cable

  • Installation Manual & Warranty Card

  • Personal greeting from the packer staff of your product


Why The Entrance Area Matters


Your entrance area is where 2 key customer decisions are happening: 

  1. Will the customer pass by the store or enter?

  2. If the customer enters, to which area does he/she go to first? That was your key attraction point for the customer!

If you place an ASAP device at your entrance area, you can view the data of both of the top questions:

a) your entry-conversion rate (e.g. out of a 1,000 people pass by your store, 100 people entered your store); and

b) the Department of first customer contact.


Multiple Floors or Large Salesfloor Area

If your premise has multiple floors or larger sales floor areas, then 3 ASAP devices may not be enough and you need to multiple ASAP iRetail packs. No matter how many ASAP devices you purchase, they are linked to your Dashboard account and you are in control on how to organise/structure your ASAP devices on the Dashboard.


The Dashboard supports multi-tier organisation of your stores which means you can have store outlet names, state/region, floor numbers and location names (e.g. Department).​


How to install your ASAP

Each ASAP device comes with a back plate and 2 wall screws (wood or plaster).

  1. Screw the back plate directly into the wall or ceiling with the provided screws. The screws are self-tapping, so there's no need to drill pilot holes in wood, plaster and other relatively soft materials.

  2. Twist on the ASAP device on to back plate.

General Guidelines

  • Use the backplate as a guide and mark the holes on the ceiling or wall with a pencil before you install and screw in the screws.

  • Make sure ASAP is at least 12 inches (30 cm) away from the wall

  • If installing ASAP on wall, place it between 6-23 inches (15-60 cm) below the ceiling

  • If you have a sloping, pitched or cathedral ceiling, ASAP should be 35 inches (90 cm) from the highest peak